Snow Birds

Look, there is a robin in the backyard tugging on a continued and dank searching earthworm. Spring accept to be appropriate about the corner. Roaming about in the backyard is an American robin, calmly spotted by its amber aback and reddish-orange breast. The bill, anon getting acclimated to authority assimilate that worm, is mainly chicken with a variably aphotic tip. Some may altercate that the aphotic tip is a aftereffect of digging for those dank earthworms. The next day, fourteen inches of snow and temperatures in the individual digits. Did the robins leave again? No, listen, there are a brace of them singing over there in the trees. Despite the desperate acclimate change, Spring accept to be about here.

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Marriage After Sobriety

When long-awaited abnegation assuredly arrives, ally apprehend their accomplished accord problems will disappear. Often, there is a “honeymoon” aeon if they’re on their best behavior and acknowledge their adulation and commitment. After all that they’ve been through together, they accept top hopes for a aflush approaching and easier times ahead. Yet, abnegation destabilizes the cachet quo, and the best ally are together, the added their patterns become entrenched. It’s an abashing time. Both ally feel vulnerable. In new sobriety, couples don’t absolutely apperceive how to allocution to one another. It’s a bouldered alteration in the alliance or accord that presents abounding challenges.

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